Kira-Fansub Dissband

Hello everyone, This is Romeyo007, it’s been a while. I sad me to announce the disbanding on Kira-Fansub, as of recently, I have been seriously busy with school, and real life. Also because I was banned from PayPal because my website had torrent, even thought my site was in active for a long time, due to that I lost a lot. For that I decided to give it a rest.

I want to thanks all the fans and people who supported me through this long journey. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t make it this long. so I’m very thankful for everyone.
Things I’m going to keep: Kira-Review it will still active for the time being, thought it will be updated very slowly, because I’m the only active member. Kira-Manga is moved to a new site, if you want to grap the currently on going release please visit this site.

Once again, I thank everyone for your support, and sorry I couldn’t keep the journey longer.

Thank you.